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The Genesis Trilogy

Survive the Genesis Flood!
Walk in the kingdom of Nimrod!

Stolen from her family, Keren becomes a pawn in the realm of the new world’s first king as he rebels against the Most High. 

To save herself and her loved ones, Keren plots a daring escape…and retribution against Nimr-Rada…He-Who-Lifts-the-Skies. 

Climb the Tower of Babel!

As the Tower approaches completion, Shoshanna is captured by her mother’s enemies. 

Unaware of the approaching disaster wrought by the Most High Himself, Shoshanna struggles to survive the Great City’s deadly political and spiritual strife. 
Trusting in the Most High, Annah marries Shem and joins her strange new family in their solitary faith that will ultimately separate them from an ancient world of amazing beauty and appalling violence--a world fast approaching the unimaginable catastrophe of the Great Flood. 

Out of this chaos, only eight people will survive. Their world is our world. Their future is our own.