Manuscript illumination: Shutterstock.

       Amid first-century Jerusalem's political and religious unrest, Elisheba loses her beloved husband, Joseph. Though she is mourning, Elisheba must fight to protect herself and her young son from the schemes and deceptions of others who wish to control her fortune and her future.            

​       While Elisheba defies her enemies, her husband's closest friends must decide what they believe—and risk death. When another tragedy strikes, an impossible miracle shakes their lives—and their world is forever Dawnlight.

...And the tombs were opened and the bodies of many of the faithful who had fallen asleep were brought to life again and coming out of the tombs after His resurrection, they went into Jerusalem and appeared to many people.

Celebrate the Resurrection with a timeless tale of hope! Inspired by the mysterious events of Matthew 27:52-53: